Ginseng International Company LLC, is a US Company specialized in international food trade.

After years of effort, Ginseng Young has accumulated rich marketing experience, wide distribution network and good reputation. Currently, we have established long-term cooperation with many American local manufactures. Besides, we have also introduced qualified products from Columbia, Mexico, Argentina and European countries. We have a professional logistic team to provide better freight for our customers.

Our valued customers
  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Wholesalers
  • Retailers
  • Agents

Our capability comes from our professional knowledge and experiences in the FMCG industry as well as an extensive network with customers we served.

Our attitude

our attitude towards serving our customers is one of the key elements which really distinguish us from other distributors. We offer independent retailers & wholesalers all the resources needed to compete in today's FMCG industry.

  • Effective and Efficient Solutions
  • Rich Brands
  • Professional Consultancy
  • Gold Standards
Customer Care

Our mission is to work for the smiles on faces of consumers, retailers & wholesalers by offering trustworthy products, services & courtesy in an efficient yet effective manner. We serve for your happiness…

  • High Efficient and Effective
  • Trustworthy, Fair and Polite
  • Patient, Quick Response
  • Skillful
Quality Assurance

The constant pursuit of good quality is the spirit of Ginseng Young International since she was founded. The quality monitoring policy does not only allow our products to meet gold standards, but also go beyond our customers’ expectations.

  • Quality Control Policy
  • Strict Quality Management and Control Procedures
  • Enthusiastic, Timely Customer Feedback
  • Improvement of Products
Environmental Responsibility

Ginseng Young International is an enterprise that emphasizes environmental protection and sustainable development. Our products and systems have the characteristics of environmental acknowledgement, energy conservation and sustainable development, and we are well aware of the responsibility of being an important environmentalist.


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Comments from our customers

We have been partners with Ginseng International for years, and she's always been providing us with good qualified products and services.

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We've been selling Ginseng Young International's products for more than two years in Chinese domestic markets, which have been satisfying our customers with high positive feedback. Her products are qualified with competitive price, quick response compared from other suppliers, and we highly recommend her products to your customers.

Recommended Com.XXX

Recommended Com.XXX